Tokyo Vertical Cemetery



TVC Corte Escaleras
TVC Torre
TVC Plaza Acceso
TVC Caras
TVC Diagrama
TVC Plantas


Teddy Nanes

Elias Kalach 

Guillermo Rage (Renders)

Ivan Cherem (Textos)

Death carves in our vibrant cities silent vacuums of stone and grass. Our last contribution to this earth is to fill up priceless space with the feeling of death. For the living, little comes from commemorating death, except their relief when they finally leave the hush of a stale cemetery ground and can again enjoy laughter, art, and life. We reverse this paradigm by building a cemetery where it is the dead that commemorate life, where visitors are reminded not that everyone will die, but that everyone has lived. It is a place where the dead are brought to serve the living, a place where visitors are reminded that their loved one too was once alive. Death celebrates life.